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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Isolation: an Alternative to the “Acting White” Hypothesis in Explaining Black Under-Enrollment in Advanced Courses (with William A. Darity, Jr.). 2020. Journal of Economics, Race, and Policy.
Do School Counselors Exhibit Bias in Recommending Students for Advanced Coursework? (with Angela C. M. de Oliveira, and Carey Dimmitt). 2019. The B. E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy.
Linking job loss, inequality, mental health, and education (with Elizabeth O. Ananat, Anna Gassman-Pines, and Christina Gibson-Davis). 2017. Science.
Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice? Teacher Perceptions of Black Girls in the Classroom. 2012. The Review of Black Political Economy.
Reparations for African-Americans as a Transfer Problem: A Cautionary Tale (with William A. Darity, Jr. and Bidisha Lahiri). 2010. Review of Development Economics.