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Dr. Dania V. Francis is Associate Professor of Economics at University of Massachusetts Boston.


Her current research involves using experimental and quasi-experimental methods to identify structural causes of racial and socioeconomic academic disparities. 


More broadly, Dr. Francis’ research interests include examining racial and socioeconomic disparities in education, wealth accumulation, retirement savings, and labor markets. 

More About Dr. Francis:

Dr. Francis received her doctorate from Duke University and also holds a master’s degree from Harvard University and a bachelor’s degree from Smith College. She is the co-author of an influential paper titled “The Economics of Reparations” in the American Economic Review. Her research has also been published in Science, Journal of Economic Literature, Review of Development Economics, and Review of Black Political Economy among other peer-reviewed journals.


She is a board member of the Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness (SREE). She has also been a board member of the National Economics Association  (2017-2023) and a National Academies of Education/Spencer Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship award recipient (2018-2019). Dr. Francis has been featured on CNBC International and TRT World and her work has been written about on several major publication outlets.

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